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Depth Perception Dive Center

About Us

Robert Lawrence

Robert has been diving for more than four decades, he enjoys scuba so much that he teaches full-time- when he's not in our retail shop assisting customers with scuba equipment purchases.  He first learned to dive when scuba courses more closely resembled navy seal training and takes the NAUI credo Dive Safety through Education to heart.  Every class emphasizes safety and skills to allow for divers to relax and truly enjoy the sport he loves.  If you want to learn from one of the best, start your Open Water Scuba Certification training with Robert.  When he's not teaching you can find him traveling for personal enjoyment on technical diving trips from Lake Mead to the South Pacific wrecks of Truk Lagoon or leading Recreational Open Water scuba trips down the reefs of the Caribbean Sea or Florida Keys- join our Reefseekers Dive Club and be apart of the fun..


Our team is trained both internationally and locally, so they understand your needs and the environment in which you do business. 


Managing Director
Mr. Johnson is the founder and CEO of the company. 


Ms. Doe is the first company’s first employee. 


Mr. Miller is a dedicated and reliable expert in the field. 

Ed Johnson 

Creative Director

As a creative director, Ed invests his soul and imagination into every product that he works on. Trained in the exclusive City Design School, he has several years of experience in the field and dozens of highly successful projects and campaigns. Ed has been named Most Promising Designer in his field of expertise for six years in a row. 
In his position with our company, Ed has participated in some of our most vibrant and viral campaigns, helping our clients increase revenues, win over new customers and establish themselves firmly as leaders in their respective fields. 

Jeffrey Dugliss

Jeffrey is our Technical Instructor and Equipment Repair and Service Technician.  Certified  through  NAUI, TDI, and IANTD Jeffrey exemplifies and enjoys teaching the highly demanding water skills and standards of technical diving.  He trains students for "bucket list" scuba diving excursions: from shipwrecks around the world, to the three masted schooners of the northern U.S. Great Lakes Marine Sanctuary at Thunder Bay, or the wrecks all along Florida's coastline. From perfecting Intro to Technical Diving course objectives such as buoyancy and fining techniques to mixed gas Trimix dive training and DPV Extreme training- in or out of the water- Jeffrey trainsstudents for the next level. Students go from Recreational scuba divers to competent Technical scuba divers capable of meeting the demands of any diving destination. He personally enjoys the convenience and beauty of the caves found in North Florida whether for personal enjoyment or overhead environment training. And spending his free time with his children.

Michelle Dugliss

Michelle has been diving for over a decade and enjoys helping at the dive shop.  Sometimes you'll even find Kathryn and Emma at the shop with her "helping" customers and organizing.  She is both PADI and NAUI scuba certified, although she eventually choose NAUI Leadership training for the opportunities they allow to teach-up.  Water sports run through her blood, having swam competitively for over ten years, eventually becoming an American Red Cross certified Lifeguard and Swim Instructor. Scuba diving grew out of a passion that started having grown up land locked in the Midwest.  After moving to Tampa scuba diving became not just an attainable dream, but like so many other Floridian's scuba diving became a lifestyle.  When she's not at the shop you can find her in the Gulf of Mexico or the springs in Florida's State Parks. 

The Dugliss Family

Emma, Kathryn and Porsche can frequently be found at the shop doing paperwork, wreaking havoc and what not.  Experts in scuba and snorkeling mask fittings, children's snorkeling gear selection, and children's wetsuit testing or providing general entertainment.
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