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  • Underwater Hunting and Collecting

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    Hunting and Collecting

  • Boat Diving in the Gulf of Mexico

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    Boat Dives in the Gulf of Mexico

  • Boat Scuba Diving

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    Boat Diving Scuba Excursions

  • Diving for Photos or Video

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    Underwater Photography and Videography

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    Underwater Navigation

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    Saltwater Diving


Advanced Open Water SCUBA Certification

Continue your adventure! Apply your scuba skills as you explore new dive sites and activities. The Advanced Scuba Diver course helps you increase your confidence and build your scuba skills so you can become more comfortable in the water. This is a great way to get more dives under your belt while continuing to learn under the supervision of an Open Water Instructor. This course builds on what you have learned and develops new skills by introducing you to new activities and a variety of scuba diving experiences including wreck, night, deep and navigation dives as well as one additional “specialty” dive. You’ll learn which diving specialties interest you as well as what type of diving you enjoy the most. You’ll begin to consider the direction diving will take you as you go for everything it has to offer! The Advanced Scuba Diver course is an enjoyable certification course for 12 year-olds and older who desire additional training or have moved from one diving area to another and desire a local orientation or who desire an orientation to a variety of diving sites and conditions. Depth Perception Dive Center offers this course monthly and the academics portion can be completed on your schedule with our convenient eLearning option.

If are looking to go beyond your Open Water Course, be more confident in the water, and continue to develop your dive skills, this enjoyable program of continued supervised education is the next step. Designed to introduce divers to a variety of diving activities such as wreck, underwater photography, underwater scooters, etc. Upon successful completion of this course, graduates are considered competent to engage in open water diving activities and qualified for Advanced Dives.

What you will learn in Advanced Open Water (AOW)

  • Deep Diving- Practical aspects, Physiological effects of deeper scuba diving to 130 feet.
  • Limited Visibility- Handling rough water, limited visibility, and dive/abort decisions
  • Navigation- How to navigate using kick-cycles, visual landmarks and time.Underwater Communication, instrument use, 
  • Search & Recovery- Buddy and Self Rescues, emergency systems and actions
  • Dive Equipment- use to perform selected tasks: How to better use your dive computer and more ways to use your underwater compass
  • Buoyancy & Weighting- concentrating on ascent and descent control.

How do you structure your Advanced Open Water (AOW) Courses

Advanced Open Water Course Layouts

A six month course with dives once or twice a month. So you should get in at least 18-20 dives, an evaluation dive, pool and/or open water practice dives in order to concentration on skill acquisition and refinement.  You'll meet in-person with your instructor for knowledge reviews (SAC rates, etc.) as well as online self-study; standards for this course are high and more closely resemble the courses like they used to be before each individual skill became a different card; skills are taught above standards. Most people go on to technical training after this or simply want to dive the more advanced locations like Oriskany, Vandenburg, and want to look good and feel comfortable and confident.  Payments are month to month and you always have dive buddy.

$150 per Month
Advanced A
This is a shorter version of the apprenticeship with approximately 10-12 dives, over six days. We will go to the pool to evaluate and work on skills as necessary and then we'll meet back up perform one skill dive and one certification dive per section (night/limited visibility, deep, navigation, boat, etc.).  It includes an in-person class and online self-study.

Advanced B
This is the minimum to meet certification.  All academics are covered through the online self-study, the evaluation and In water skills are practiced at a one time session in the pool.  This is six dives over two days wherein each dive is counted for certification.  We call this "give me the card."


What are the requirements to begin Advanced Open Water Training

Prerequisites For Entering the Advanced Scuba Diver Course

  •     Minimum age of 15 (Junior certification for ages 12-14 years is allowed) 
  •     Certification as a scuba diver by a recognized agency 
  •     Demonstrate selected basic scuba skills 
  •     Use dive tables to plan all dives 
  •     Record dives in log books 
  •     Use appropriate equipment to perform selected tasks

Advanced Open Water Certification Required Equipment

We strongly encourage you to discuss the suitability of the equipment you own and are considering using during this class with a member of the Depth Perception Instructor staff prior to the start of your course. Equipment that isn’t appropriate can distract from your enjoyment of diving and interfere with the learning process and, in some instances, can actually be unsafe. Students shall furnish and be responsible for the care and maintenance of their own diving equipment.
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