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NOAA Ocean Guardian Dive Club

NOAA and Ocean First invite you to participate in a unique and FREE opportunity to learn about our impact on the ocean and our responsibility for its future. Students will receive an introduction to the marine sanctuary system, the basics of scuba diving, and will pledge their time to making a positive change in their own community through a stewardship project. July 15 & 16.

What is the Ocean Guardian Dive Club?

The Ocean Guardian Dive Club is a marine education program designed to strengthen youth involvement in diving and ocean conservation. This program uses real National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) marine science content to teach students how they can become ocean stewards. Students ages 8-12 participate in both classroom and pool based sessions at Ocean First, where they will learn diving techniques and issues relating to our natural marine heritage.

What do students learn?

Students will learn about special places in NOAA's National Marine Sanctuary System and important ocean conservation topics. Students will also learn basic ocean literacy concepts and be given examples of ways that they can become ocean stewards. Students will practice important diving skills and learn about basic science diving concepts. Children are taught to be responsible divers at a young age will take those values with them as they grow into adult divers – leading to a connection with the ocean that fosters a desire to protect it and a lifetime of participation in this recreational activity.

What is the stewardship project?

The Ocean Guardian Stewardship Project is a stewardship activity or project that Ocean Guardian Dive Club partners implement as a way to create a positive environmental change in their community. Ocean First has chosen to focus our stewardship project around reducing plastic in the Boulder community.

Contact to find out how to get involved.

How much does it cost?

We are currently offering the Ocean Guardian Dive Club workshops for FREE. Must sign up by July 7th.

Upcoming Dates:

Day 1
. July 15, 1-4pm: Intro to Marine Sanctuaries.This lesson introduces students to the National Marine Sanctuary System. Students will learn about the mission of the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries and will understand role of marine protected areas in supporting a healthy ocean. Then the students hop in the pool with our dive instructors to learn the basics of scuba diving through fun games and activities.
Day 2
. July 16, 1-4pm: Hawaiian Island Humpback Whale Marine Sanctuary.Students will learn about humpback whales, their migration patterns for feeding and calving, and how these marine mammals may be impacted by humans. They will also learn about the important connection between whales and Hawaiian culture. Then hop in the pool for a continuation of the scuba lessons learned on Day 1, as well as buoyancy and navigation via underwater games.

Must sign up by July 7th. Max of 8 students. Can sign up for one or two days (must participate in Day 1 in order to participate in Day 2). Cost: FREE.

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