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Junior Diver Scuba Certification

NAUI Junior Scuba Certification 

NAUI allows child scuba certification starting at ten (10) years of age. The NAUI Junior Scuba Certification course for children younger than twelve is exactly the same as the adult certification course.  Kids complete the same academic material as adults, pool work and open water dives, but are limited to a depth of forty (40) feet and require supervision by a parent/guardian or a Scuba Instructor. Since most of the course is independent study, with safety and ease of mind, it may be best for children to complete a Private certification course. A private course ensures thorough comprehension of the course material and sufficient time for the completion of water skills.  There are several special considerations when diving with a child such as physical readiness and emotional maturity- Please call us to discuss courses for anyone under the age of 18.

Summer Kids Scuba Certification Camp

Depth Perception Dive Center in Tampa, Florida is the place to be for fun and adventure for kids and teens.  Florida's ocean environment is filled with sea turtles, dolphins, manta rays. Through snorkeling and scuba diving, kids and teens discover the beauty and awe of the underwater world while learning new skills and making new friends.  Depth Perception Dive Center has been offering scuba and snorkeling programs for kids and teens since 1998 that emphasize ocean ecology, marine life conservation, and environmental stewardship. June 19-23, 2017

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Scuba Minor Waiver 

Ready to sign-up your son or daughter for their scuba adventure.Minor's in the State of Florida must have this form on file prior to beginning the course.
Minor Waiver

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