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Passport Scuba- Resort Course

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    Try Scuba in the crystal clear waters of a swimming pool

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    Less than 20 Feet under controlled conditions

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Passport Scuba Course

Resort Course Intro to Scuba Diving

Passport Scuba builds on the skills of the Try Scuba pool experience, while still not completing all the academic and diving skill requirements necessary for independent diving as an Open Water certified scuba diver.  This course is best for someone who needs a little more time to ease into scuba diving or just wants a vacation experience of a lifetime without the time or expense of full scuba certification.  Different from Tandem Scuba Jump in and enjoy an introductory scuba experience- Passport Scuba.

Passport Diver is a non-certification program that allows graduates of the full program to able to continue to scuba dive under direct supervision in controlled conditions without meeting the requirement of scuba certification.  

What to Expect?:
  • Enroll
  • Read
  • Meet with the Instructor for a Review of the reading and equipment
  • Jump in the Pool
  • Two (2) Open Water Scuba Dives
Enroll online or come into the dive shop for the Passport Scuba Diver Experience.  Upon enrollment expect to complete a medical and liability waiver, and allow sufficient time to try on a wetsuit, mask, fins, and scuba gear- or schedule it for later. On vacation?  Please note, we will not scuba dive within 24 hours of departure iftraveling by plane.

Next, set aside 30 minutes and read through a nine (9) page electronic document and complete an open book Knowledge Review,

Similar to the Open Water Scuba Certification Course, your Scuba Instructor will first answer any questions you may have, and make sure that you thoroughly understand the physics and physiology of scuba diving needed to dive with minimal risk within confined water under closely controlled conditions..   Next, you will be provided with an explanation of the scuba equipment,
Now you're ready for the pool-  don the gear, and jump in!

And, at any point, during the course, the program may be converted to the Scuba Diver Course
Passport Scuba Diver Course Cost

Student Record Folder and Reading Materials
Rental SCUBA equipment (buoyancy compensator, dive computer (or analog gauges), pressure gauge, regulator, compass, wetsuit, tanks and soft weights;
Instructor Fees,
Academic Review Session,
Pool entrance fee
Instructor’s Charter Boat fees (if applicable)
Additional Charges:
Dive Site Entrance fees or Charter Boat fees for participant(s).  (approx. $40-100)
Cost of purchase or rental of personal skin gear (mask, fins, and snorkel). We DO NOT booties for open heel fins.
In order to secure the Instructor’s time and facility rental, an advanced NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $50 per person for this course is required.


Minimum Age 12.
$188.68 pp
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