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About Scuba and Snorkeling Equipment

Skin Gear and Scuba Equipment

It is in your best interest and your Instructor's best interest to fit you with the best fitting mask, booties, fins and snorkel. We have fit hundreds of faces, we sell and dive the gear we fit, we know what works and what doesn't.  So, don't waste your money online or buying from someone else, and if you have a problem during your class it's our problem and we'll fix it!

Thinking about waiting to buy your gear during your grand voyage! The best diving locations are enchanting exotic remote island locations and you're there to relax and dive- not shop for skin gear and/or scuba equipment. So, sit on the beach, buy souvenirs in the shops, and travel with your own mask, fins, and snorkel aka "skin gear". Unless you like spending your valuable vacation time in the dive shop trying on dilapidated ill-fitting equipment. 

Remember to always ask if they have air conditioning at the hotel and ALWAYS bring your own skin gear.  

So, customarily during dive training in scuba diving shops worldwide "skin gear" is purchased prior to your confined water session.  Rental Scuba equipment will be provided during the course, skin gear is an additional expense. However, before you accept the call of underwater adventurer do not purchase personal skin gear or (eventually) your own scuba equipment until it has been discussed with your Instructor and you know how to evaluate your purchases.

Skin Gear appropriate for this course needs to be scuba quality.    No this isn't the same as snorkeling or freediving gear.  When you scuba dive the frame of the mask needs to be tempered glass, The fins are designed with the hydrodynamics of a scuba diver in mind, think pushing an elephant through the water.   
Do you want to learn the hard way or the easy way?
Scuba Equipment such as buoyancy compensation devices, wetsuits, and regulators, can be rented, but do you know when it was last serviced, how well it fits and how it functions?   Given airline weight restrictions avid scuba divers recognize the benefits of bringing their own gear (tanks are typically rented) and pay the additional baggage fees, We only rent equipment we sell and we only sell equipment we have tested to ensure quality and reliability.  

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