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Scuba & Snorkeling Gear Rental

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    Children's Rental Wetsuits

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    Rental Nitrox Dive Compters- Air Integrated and Stand Alone

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    Rental Weight Integrated Buoyancy Compensation Devices (BCD)

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    Rental Dive Lights- Primary and Backup

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    Mens and Womens Rental Wetsuits- 3mm, 5mm and Shorty

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    Regulator Rentals- Complete regulator sets including gauges


Rental Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Equipment

Rental Scuba Equipment

You must be scuba certified or under the direct supervision of an Scuba Instructor in order to rent scuba equipment.

Rental Atomic Aquatics, Oceanic or Cressi Regulator Sets with Dive Computers or Analog Gauges

Rental Regulator Sets

You must be scuba certified in order to rent scuba regulators
$15.00 Daily Rate

Rental Luxfer and Catalina Aluminum 80 Scuba Tanks

Rental Aluminum 80 Air Filled Scuba Tanks

You must be scuba certified in order to rent scuba tanks
$7.00 Daily Rate

Rental High Pressure and Low Pressure Steel Tanks

Rental Air/ Nitrox Filled Steel Tanks, Price excludes Air or Nitrox Fill

You must be scuba certified in order to rent scuba tanks.  Nitrox requires proof of Enriched Air certification.
$2.00 Daily Rate First Day/ $7.00 thereafter
Air Fills
Nitrox Fills
$10.00 + O2 @ $0.46/cu ft.
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Rental ScubaPro, Cressi, Zeagle and Halycon Bouyancy Compensation Devices

Rental BCD

You must be scuba certified in order to rent a BC
$15.00 Daily Rate

Rental Dive Computer

Rental BCD

You must be scuba certified in order to rent a Dive Computer
$15.00 Daily Rate

Rental Scuba Fin

Open Heel Fin

Adjustable open heel fins require boots. Boots NOT included.
$15.00 Daily Rate

Rental Drysuit

DUI 30/30 Drysuit

This is the perfect way to try a drysuit before you buy for someone ready to purchase a drysuit within the next year. 
Neck and wrist seals not included.
New Seals approx $250/ Used $100
$35.00 Daily Rate

Rental Snorkeling  Gear

Skin diving gear and accessories,
Certification is NOT required.

Rental Shorty 2mm and Full 3mm or 5mm Wetsuits

Rental 5mm Wetsuits (Men's and Ladies)

$15.00 Daily Rate

Rental 2mm Shorty Wetsuits (Men's & Ladies)

$15.00 Daily Rate

Rental Children and Youth Wetsuits

$15.00 Daily Rate

Rental Weights

Soft and Hard Lead Weights

$1 per lb Daily Rate

Rental Mask

Scuba and Snorkeling Masks

$4.00 Daily Rate

Rental Snorkeling Fin

Closed-heel fins

$15.00 Daily Rate

Rental Snorkel

Open, Semi-dry and Dry Snorkels

$1 Daily Rate

Rental Underwater Accessories

Rental Underwater Lights- Backup

$15.00 Daily Rate

Rental Underwater Lights- CAN


$30.00 Daily Rate

Rental Underwater Camera

Rental Bouyancy Compensation Device

$15.00 Daily Rate

Rental Scuba Package
(BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit and Two Air Tanks)

$57.00 Daily Rate

Rent for the Weekend for the price of a Day!

At Depth Perception Dive Center we rent Cressi, BARE, Atomic Aquatics, Body Glove, Armor Bags, Oceanic and more- we rent the best gear available, since nothing holds up better than quality gear.  So whether you're looking for a rental shorty wetsuit or full wetsuit, rental BCD, Rental Atomic Aquatics and Oceanic regulators, or underwater lights, Depth Perception Dive Center is your source.

The rental of scuba gear is limited to scuba certified individuals or open water scuba students (advance approval and arrangements must are required). Driver's License and Major Credit Card required. Unfortunately we cannot rent to minors without parents.
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